A Need for Action 

The Hadley Council on Aging faces a great challenge. As people live longer and the "boomer" generation retires, the Council must meet the needs of two very different groups of Seniors. Sources of government funding have not increased to meet the rise in our elder population.

Ways to Help 

Every bit of support you can give to the Council on Aging make a big difference to the programs they provide our seniors. There are many ways to give: 

  • designate us as your charitable organization on Amazon Smile

  • become a member of the Friends

  • make a separate tax-deductible donation (stock or cash)

  • donate your car to the Friends (still tax-deductible!)

  • make a contribution in honor of someone who passes

  • remember us in your will

  • participate in any of our local fundraising events

When you choose to donate your vehicle through our partner, Donate for Charity, your car is picked up free of charge and sold at auction or broken down for parts. The proceeds come back to fund our work, and you receive a receipt of your tax-deductible donation. Click on the Donate for Charity button to get started.

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